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Island Adventures Cruise: 9 - nights in October 2012.

Take a fantastic adventure to paradise visiting the stunning islands in the Pacific. Visit Isle of Pines with it's unforgettable beaches and snorkel Mystery Island, Vanuatu. Tiny Mystery Island is picture perfect, with sandy pathways that lead to white beaches edged with coconut trees and crystal clear lagoons. There are no roads, no shops and no stress! The locals from a nearby island will come to sell their few shells and goods and your day may be spent relaxing on the sand while the local band plays songs of welcome. The substantial dock and port area of Port Vila overlooks a natural harbour. There are beautiful coastal views of the city with its clusters of houses and small scale resorts nestled amongst tropical vegetation makes an attractive scene. The harbour is quite active with fishing boats, yachts and speedboats passing between the various nearby islands. Upon arrival into Port Vila you will have the opportunity to visit many of the local market stalls set up for each ship's call into this port. Lifou has one of the most diverse landscapes in the South Pacific, from limestone caves to white beaches and coral reefs teeming with brightly coloured marine life. It's the largest coral atoll in the Loyalty archipelago. You'll stand awestruck in front of all of its breathtakingly beautiful views: the northern coast of the island is made up of high, steep cliffs, whilst the southern side has pristine white sand beaches with stunning turquoise waters.

Cruise Operator: P & O
Vessel: Pacific Dawn
Ports of Call: Brisbane, Isle Of Pines, Mystery Island, Port Vila, Lifou, Brisbane.
Sailing Dates: Departs: Sat, Oct 6 2012. Arrives: Mon, Oct 15 2012.

Cruise Itinerary

Total length of Cruise: 9-nights.

Days / Ports of Call/ Arrivals and Departures

Island Adventures Itinerary
Day 1 - Brisbane - Sat, Oct 6 2012 14:00
Day 4 - Isle Of Pines - Tue, Oct 9 2012 08:00 - Tue, Oct 9 2012 17:00
Day 5 - Mystery Island - Wed, Oct 10 2012 08:00 - Wed, Oct 10 2012 18:00
Day 6 - Port Vila - Thu, Oct 11 2012 08:00 - Thu, Oct 11 2012 18:00
Day 7 - Lifou - Fri, Oct 12 2012 08:00 - Fri, Oct 12 2012 17:00
Day 10 - Brisbane - Mon, Oct 15 2012 06:00

About the Pacific Dawn

Pacific Dawn was built by Fincantieri in Trieste, Italy in 1991 as Regal Princess. Her distinctive curved profile—often referred to as 'dolphin-like'—was designed by Renzo Piano, She had a major refurbishment in 2000 and in September 2007 in Singapore. Read more about the Pacific Dawn here!

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